Oyster Sauce (Formula 2, Yellow Label)

Small Size (1,000 grams)Large Size (4,500 grams) Fit for all menu. Add delicious flavor to your favorite dishes, including stir-fried, grilled, chili paste, and many other dishes. Or use it to marinate meat, pork, chicken, and beef, it’s delicious.


1000 grams, 4,500 grams

Other Products

Interchef oyster sauce

Derived from carefully chosen oysters, this concentrated formula impeccably enhances the delectable taste of stir-fried dishes.

Oyster sauce, Noknangnuanthong

Crafted from fresh, pristine oysters subjected to a meticulous production process. Utilized as a seasoning agent to enhance the savory appeal of dishes, such as stir-fries with oil, meat, assorted vegetables, and soups. Infused with a delightful sweet aroma, eliminating the necessity for MSG supplementation.

Distilled Vinegar

This product is created using contemporary techniques to ensure its clarity, cleanliness, and hygiene. It possesses a smooth and tangy flavor that works well for dishes that require or can benefit from a sour taste.